The Trike Transporter from IPS Safety Inc.

Seniors who can no longer feel the wind in their hair as they ride the lanes on their bikes can now do it again!
Fun times and happy outings await Seniors as they are pedaled about in these safe, comfortable Trike Transporters.

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Unlike others, they are safer, easy to get into, easy to steer, and easy to pedal.

  • Looking for an effective way to promote your Senior Caregiver Service, Service to Seniors, or Nursing Home? How about Day Care Centres?
  • Your own business! Want to know how to earn a dollar a minute for enjoying pedaling people around? (They charge a dollar a minute for this in New York currently.) Sell advertising space on the back and sides! How about building a fleet and paying others to pedal?
  • Want to take your loved ones on great rides? Or help and entertain Seniors or disabled people or kids by giving them memorable rides to the store or for pleasure? Better than a taxi, and so much fun! When last did grandma go for a bike ride? Safe and invigorating.

The applications for using this amazing Trike Transporter are numerous. When you ride one, you’ll have so much fun that you’ll be looking for any excuse to use it! Offer rides at fairs and parades, parties and events.

  • No maintenance or gas, and virtually anyone can pedal it. Easy and fun.
  • Top quality, durable, packing space under the seats,
  • Seatbelt, transparent rain cover, great accessories.
  • Seven (7) Shimano gears
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes front and back, adjustable saddle height.

The Trike Transporter can be used by any business, for that matter. How about Day Care Centres? Even car dealership – why walk around the lot? Get the public involved – offer them free rides! Advertise your service on the back and sides. Add balloons! Get yours before your competition does!

Pedicabs in London, England, have been one of the safest forms of transport ever, with no fatalities in the last 15 years, compared to motorized vehicles, which has 10 fatalities per week.

Our all-weather, environmentally friendly pedicabs can be used for scenic rides and as bike taxis.



TYPE 1:    Human Power Driveline chain kmc brand

TRANSMISSION:   7 gear Shimano speed Max speed (km/h:) 25

Type 2:    500w rear motor  or 500W front motor Battery Assist Power

Battery: 48V/20ah Storage Battery  Full charge endurance: 40 Min

TRANSMISSION:   7 gear Shimano speed Max speed (km/h:) 50


BRAKE/FRONT:   V brake Wheel/Front: 20*2*.125

Brake/Rear:     Hydraulic disc brake Wheel/Rear: 24*2.25-19

TRIKE L*W*H(MM):   2500*1120*1700 load capacity 280kgs

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is it Easy to Pedal?
The Trike Transporter is surprisingly easy to pedal as well as to steer, with a well-designed steering system and seven gears (Shimano) and an easily adjustable saddle.
How many Gears?
Your Trike Transporter has high-quality Seven Shimano gears makes it an easy ride.
How Much Weight can it Carry (Passengers)?

Your Trike Transporter can carry two big, tall men or women as passengers – up to 500 pounds in total.

What About Licensing?
Please refer to your local authorities to see if any licensing or insurance is required.
Is it Easy for Passengers To Get Into the Trike Transporter?

Very easy – two low steps to get on.

What About Bad Weather?
Along with your Trike Transporter, you will receive a strong, transparent, wrap-around rain screen that fits in two minutes. This protects your guests from rain, wind, and snow. There is ample storage space under the seat for blankets, too!
Good Brakes?

Your Trike Transporter has Disc Brakes front and bake, Hydraulic back brakes.

How Soon Can I Receive my Trike Transporter?

This depends on the transport and shipping, and where you are.

How Safe is the Trike Transporter for the Passengers?

Passengers in the Trike Transporter are safe because they have a seat belt and they travel behind the driver, which is far safer than those in which the passengers travel in front of the driver.

What Investment does it Require?Please refer to our Pricing Tab.
Please refer to our Pricing Tab.

For any Other Questions, please Contact Us.

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