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How to Market IPS Safety Products MARKETING MANUAL

NOTE: FOR TECHNICAL and PAYMENT QUESTIONS (Setting up, using, problems)
Contact IPS Safety Inc. Telephone Head Office in Surrey, BC: 604.590.9302

Watch our IPS Safety Inc. Marketing Videos  

What does the IPS stand for? International Protection, Security, and Safety Inc. Registered as IPS Safety Inc.

1.Our products are only available for sale in North America (USA and Canada)
2.In order to see the camera feed LIVE on a smartphone, the cameras need to be in a home, office, or room with WIFI access. However, cameras have the ability to record without Wifi providing the cameras have an SD card (optional) installed. The Premier Z2 Outdoor Camera with a 30 gig Hard Drive can be stand alone due to it having an internal hard drive.
3.Salespeople are Independent Contractors to IPS Safety Inc. They do not represent IPS Safety Inc.As such, they are not allowed to create and use their own sales material without the explicit permission of IPS Safety Inc. This is simply to protect the company’s products from being misrepresented, not to prevent valuable innovation. If you have a good way to promote our products, please let us know and we will certainly consider authorizing it.


Please watch the Sales Training Videos on our IPS Safety Inc. YouTube Video Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCql5YAkX52OQNKmhtlE3EJg

You will sell a lot more product, a lot easier if you own some of them.
This is not a necessity or an obligation, just a tip. Your choice entirely.
Imagine a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman showing up at your door without a vacuum cleaner to demonstrate.
I show people the Guardian V10 around my neck and I demonstrate how they can see the inside and outside of my home on my phone via my cameras.
Are you becoming a SALESPERSON when you work with IPS Safety Inc.?
NO. We refer to you as an Independent Contactor or Salesperson, but essentially you are MARKETING our company products, and we show you how to do that. Customers buy from our website using your Code. (You don’t knock on doors carrying a battered little suitcase full of products, your lunch, and an order book.)
IPS Safety Inc. Independent Contractors – Salespeople and Distributors – do not install or handle any equipment, money, payments, or products. You don’t need to create websites or marketing tools – we take care of all that. (See your Agreement.)
You don’t install equipment or need to be licensed, either.
Please note: This is NOT Network Marketing.
IPS Safety Inc. Independent Contractors (Salespeople and Distributors) earn 15% of everything a client pays us – one-off payments as well as regular, monthly payments and recurring sales.
There is no cost to becoming a Salesperson.
Should a Salesperson recruit a school, hospice, hospital, store, business, club, Seniors Home, or other organization for the purpose of fundraising, that organization would receive 10% and the Salesperson would receive 5% – of any and all transactions. (An override of 5%.)
Salespeople are not paid overrides on Salespeople they recruit.
Distributors can own more than one territory. A Territory consists of between 200,000 and 250,000 people. Currently $25,000 per territory.
A Distributor receives the same compensation as Salespeople, PLUS 50% of the Company Profit for his entire territory or territories.

If a Distributor recruits a Salespeople in one or all of his territories, or Salespeople whom he recruits in another territory sell to people in his territories, he will benefit by increasing the amount he receives from the company (50% of the Company profit for his territories.)

Nobody – Salespeople or Distributors – is restricted from selling anywhere in North America.

How do we TRACK sales made by Salespeople and Distributors?
Every Salesperson and Distributor and Fundraiser who has signed our Agreement receives a special Code.
We call this a Discount Code, which you give your prospective customers. When they use it, they receive a 5% discount, and we know who made the sale, so we can pay you your 15%. (10$ to Fundraisers.)
In the case of your recruiting an organization for fundraising, a different Code is issued so that we can divide the commission (10% to the organization and 5% to you.)
Get Paid weekly. Minimum $50

To Repeat and Clarify: This is How Your Commissions Work:

Salespeople receive 15% commission on upfront payments, one-off payments, and all monthly payments.
Should a salesperson “recruit” an organization that wishes to raise money by marketing to their database:
The Organization that has been recruited will receive 10% and the salesperson will receive a 5% override.
Salespeople will not be paid commission on salespeople they recruit – only businesses or organizations / clubs, schools, etc.
There is no cost to Salespeople to join IPS Safety Inc. and all their training and the sales tools are free of charge.
Distributors receive exactly the same commissions as salespeople (above),
PLUS they receive 50% of the company (IPS Safety Inc.) for their designated Distributor Territory.
They can sell anywhere, including outside their own territory, except that they only receive the additional 50% of company profit for their own territory.
So it makes sense to the Distributors to focus on recruiting salespeople and making sales in their own territories.

Distributors have quotas to fulfill based their own sales in their own territory plus the sales of salespeople that they have recruited in their own territory.
Should a Salesperson or a Distributor Recruit a Distributor, they will receive a one-time commission of 10% of the Distributor Fee. (So if a Distributor buys an area for $50,000 the commission would be a one-time commission payment of $5,000.)
As we all know, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Those who join us early as Salespeople and Distributors will be able to pick the low-hanging fruit, as it were – take advantage of opportunities before others who join us later do.
WHAT SETS IPS Safety APART from our Competition?
Personal Service and the Right Products.
1.We sell products that work and are easy to set up. Those who have bought cameras or other electronic items off websites or from large department stores know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Trying to understand the instructions can be a nightmare.
My partners and I sent four cameras back to the places we bought them from – well-known websites – and my partners are electronically adept. We know how difficult it is to get help or support from websites or department stores – that is why so many end up getting thrown in the garage or sent back. We spent seven months researching the market and the products available, testing, and creating a system that works. We will simplify the installation instructions.
We make sure it is easy and quick for our customers to install and use our products, to understand them and benefit from them – we make the process easy, fun, and pain free. We are available to help them.
And we sell the RIGHT products and service. For example, we don’t connect customers with call centres in times of emergency or stress – they get directly to the actual people they choose or 911. We have tested many products ourselves before agreeing to sell them.
2.The Price is Right
When you compared what we charge for the quality we sell, what our products can do, and the support offer compared to what is available online and from Alarm Companies, you will agree with this statement.
3.We are a debt free company, insured, incorporated, and licensed, with real premises and local, Canadian people to answer the phone. We are not some loser living in his mom’s basement trying to appear like a real company or a foreign call centre or online help only.
4. When people fall or hit the SOS Button or Customers what a child, elderly parent 0r loved on tracked on the Vanguard V10, they deal directly with us, not a call centre. You don’t want Grandma trying to explain her dilemma to some kid in a foreign call centre, do you?
Now Let’s Talk about YOU MAKING MONEY:
You can earn a solid, growing income by marketing and selling our products. And instead of paying huge fees to learn how, here is your free manual, plus my personal support when you get stuck.
Most of us don’t even begin to realize the resources we have and have access to, and can have access to, that we can leverage in order to make real money with IPS Safety on a regular, consistent basis. Here are some ways that you can use collaboration and leverage to market IPS Safety products and earn real money.
Start here: Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want if you are prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.” So how can you help more people? Well, we help them by solving their problems.

Our main focus is Seniors, however our products can help the parents of small children, homeowners and business owners as well, and there are other applications.

Problems we solve:
We care for the vulnerable in our society: the old, the young, the disabled, single women.
We provide security, safety, peace of mind, and protection:
• Seniors falling, wandering (dementia), in trouble, lost, mugged, threatened by strangers at their door, abused by caregivers or others,
• Children lost, abducted, abused by caregivers or others, scared, threatened, or hurt.
• Disabled people who have fallen or in trouble. Single women who are being followed or afraid. Basically, all vulnerable people.
• Check up on employees, caregivers, pets, parents, children, and where people are via camera without being there.
• Home owners and business owners who what to know what it going on via camera when they are not there, or see areas of their homes or businesses via camera with actually physically being there.
We have the solution.
1. We can track and find people who get lost.
2. We give adult children the opportunity to check in on aged parents via cameras from their smartphones without driving across town to see them.
3. We provide people with a way to see what is going on outside their doors before opening them to strangers. (Cameras.)
4. People fall and can’t get up, and nobody knows. They could be having a stroke, they could be unconscious or injured, and they may not be able to get to a phone. We have a proven solution. (Fall detection device that works anywhere via GPS)
5. People need help fast but can’t get to a phone or are disoriented. We have a solution for that. (SOS Buttons)
6. Want to know what is going on in your childrens’ room or the back yard without going there or being there? Even while you’re at work? We have a solution. (Cameras.)
7. Keep an eye on how your babysitter or your aged parent’s caregiver is treating your loved ones while you’re not there ~ We can help. (Cameras.)
8. Worried that your senior parent may go wandering (dementia) or your child may get lost or abducted? Know where they are at any time, see what your employees are getting up to when you’re not around. (Cameras, tracking devices.)
NOTE: THIS IS WHY DISTRIBUTORS CREATE A MONEY MACHINE:  https://robinjelliott.wordpress.com/2016/12/22/heres-an-answer-to-your-financial-security/
And when you find them, what do you say or do, without “selling” them stuff like a typical, pushy Network Marketer or a “sleazy salesman?”
1. Personally approaching friends, family members, and associates has worked to create billion dollar Network Marketing companies, because it works. Simply handing someone you know and care about a flyer (which includes your Discount Code) containing the solution to their problem, concern, or fear is not “selling” them something – it’s offering help. Make a list of all the people you know and that your family members know that could use and benefit from the IPS Safety products, then start approaching them one by one.
Step one: LISTEN – let them talk about their problem, fear, concern. It could be someone talking about their aged parent or child, it could be a Senior. When you listen, you earn the right to offer a solution:
Step two: “You may be interested in this company’s products that could help you solve that problem.” THAT EASY. The flyer and our website will do the work. They don’t buy from you or give you money; they simply visit our website and use the Discount Code (your Code) to buy. We answer all their questions.
Step three: FOLLOW UP on everyone. Most sales are made on the follow-up. You simply remind them: “Hey, Bob, did you check out that product I told you about / the flyer I gave you last week?”
That’s all.
Step four is get paid!
2. FIND A NEST. This is the BIG MONEY. Instead of picking grapes one at a time, how about picking a whole BUNCH of grapes? Look at this never-ending list:
Seniors Homes
Seniors Facilities
Seniors Social Clubs
Seniors Long Term Care Facilities
Stores that sell products and services to Seniors
Businesses that provide services and products to Seniors
Individuals that provide services and products to Seniors
People who have access to groups of Seniors
Red Hat Clubs (Senior Women)
Hospitals, Clinics, Stores that sell products to people entering or returning from hospital for operations
Waiting rooms where Seniors will be congregating.
Pharmacies (most Seniors have some kind of health problems.)
Seniors’ events.
First, you could say, “I work with a company that provides products that are very helpful to Seniors. Would you be so kind as to distribute these helpful little flyers to your Members / Customers / Patients?”
Second, you could ask for ADVICE. “I wonder if you can help me? I work with this company that provides helpful products for Seniors. What is the best way I could let your patients / members / customers know about the solutions we offer?” Say this while holding the brochure or flyer in front of you to give them ideas.
Remember to study our website to learn as much as you can about our products. The more you learn, the more you earn. And ASK my if you have questions about the products and how to market them.
When you ask people for HELP, they are more likely than not to try and find a way to do so. Be humble and helpful, look professional, smile, and start with a compliment. For example tell them how important their work is or how you admire them for helping people.
Here’s an alternative approach to a Centre of Influence – some who is already selling to, communicating with, influencing a large group of Seniors of the adult children of Seniors, who are our primary target buyers, or parents of small children, or home owners or business owners who can use our cameras:
This may be of interest to you, and it may not, and that’s OK, but let me ask you this: If I could show you a proven, easy way to make more money, all profit, with no cost or risk to you, and that would take you hardly any time, would you be interested in knowing more about it?
Then show them how they can:
add your flyers to their mailouts,
give your flyers to their customers,
have their salespeople promote our products,
add a signature to their emails
or a link to their websites,
allow us to talk with their customers,
or promote us to their customers in some other way,
using a special four-digit code we will create specially for them to give their clients a Preferred Customer Discount of 5%.
This Code will allow us to track the sales and pay them a direct commission of 10% (and you will get a 5% override!)
We can help you with suggestions.
3. Social Media:
Here are some easy messages that you can post on all your social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Use articles from our Blog at https://ipssafety.wordpress.com/
Remember, people don’t see every post you make, so you will need to post different ones at different times on different days, ideally three different posts at different times every day. On average, people need to see a suggestion 7 times before they react.
Share the posts on our Blog https://ipssafety.wordpress.com/ and our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ipssafety/ on your social media – just add: Use this Code 1234 (your code) to receive a 5% discount!
Here are posts you can use, using your own CODE, of course:
Never worry about your Aged Parent or Young Child Getting Lost, Wandering, or Being Abducted again!
Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount! http://IPSSafety.com
Do you have elderly parents or young children? Peace of mind and safety is available to them and to you here: http://ipssafety.com Use this Discount Code to Receive a 5% Discount: 1234
Do You have an Aged Parent or Young Child (or both)? Enjoy Peace of Mind!
Use this 5%Discount Code: 1234 http://IPSSafety.com
Are you concerned about your Senior Parent Falling?
Here is the Solution: (Use this 5%Discount Code: 1234) http://IPSSafety.com
Would You Like to be able to check up on your Senior Parent or Child (or both) without being there?
These simple, wireless, cameras work! (Canadian Company). Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount! http://IPSSafety.com
Are you concerned about your parent’s or child’s CAREGIVERS abusing them?
Here is your solution: (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!) http://IPSSafety.com
ATTENTION SENIORS! Are you afraid of falling?
Here’s a solution! (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!) http://IPSSafety.com
PARENTS! Are you afraid your Child will get Lost, Abducted, Kidnapped?
We have the solution for you. See http://IPSSafety.com (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!)
We have the solution for you.
See http://IPSSafety.com (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!)
WHAT IF YOUR CHILD GOT LOST? Or Abducted, stolen, or Kidnaped?
We have the solution for you. See http://IPSSafety.com (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!)
NOW! Peace of Mind for Parents!
Never worry about your children getting lost or stolen again. We have the solution for you. See http://IPSSafety.com (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!)
NOW! Peace of Mind for Children of Aged Parents!
Dementia? Alzheimer’s? Falls? Panic? Never worry about your parent getting lost or wandering again. We have the solution for you. See http://IPSSafety.com (Use this Code 1234 to receive a 5% Discount!)
4. Piggyback:
Do you know somebody who communicates with large groups of Seniors or the children of Seniors or the Parents of small children?
Ask them to include your advert /flyer / brochure in their mail-outs or emails as a favour to you and as a service to their audience.
5. Provide a Door Prize at a Business Networking Event.
This usually allows or entitles you to present your prize and tell the audience about your business and /or distribute your flyers and brochures to the audience.
6. Put your Flyers on Notice Boards and on Information tables in Seniors Centres and at Day Cares. Also pharmacies, residential apartments, office buildings, doctor’s rooms, anywhere people gather. Ask the Daycare owners to give them to the parents of the children they care for. Talk to us about setting up a booth at business shows, Seniors shows, home shows, school events.
We will provide you with updates, ideas, and tools that you can use to market our products to build your business and income. We are open to hearing your suggestions. If you get stuck, ASK US.
7. Volunteer for Seniors events, business events, charity events, school events – great contacts there.
REMEMBER: YOUR MAIN TARGET IS THE CHILDREN OF SENIORS, and those people can buy the same products for their children and their homes and businesses and themselves.
8. Fund Raising for schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, hospitals, hospices, seniors’ homes, charities, churches, clubs, organizations:
Remember, John D. Rockefeller said, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”
Have the charity make you money! Here’s how:
Use this approach:
“I can show you how to raise money easily by promoting our valuable products, using our tools, marketing material, help, and ideas.
By using a special four-digit code which we will create exclusively for you to give your clients or the public a Preferred Customer Discount of 5%, we can track all the sales made from our website and pay you a generous 10% commission on them.”
This Code will allow us to track the sales and pay them a direct commission of 10% (and you will get a 5% override!)
We can help you with suggestions.
Imagine if a church promotes our products to their entire congregation and you get a 5% override on all those sales? What if a hospital were to do the same? This creates real, residual income for you. Why not set a goal to have ten charities or clubs or groups doing the same thing?
Here’s a Valuable Tip: How to Get Referrals:
If you think about it and ask for it, every person you know, whether they buy from you or not, can give you referrals to likely customers, organizations that want to raise money or help their clients, and potential Distributors.
Your goal should be at least five referrals from everyone you know and contact.
You can also ask your Facebook friends to SHARE your Facebook posts with their friends!
This is how you ask for referrals: (Always have a pen and paper in your hand with their name at the top of the sheet, and hold your pen ready to write. This shows you EXPECT to receive referrals.)
“John, who do you know whom you think could benefit from using our products? I promise you I won’t spam them or pressure them – I will treat them with the same courtesy and respect I paid you.
Now, who do you know who has small children they want to keep safe?
Who do you know who has a Senior Parent that they care about?
Who do you know who might like to use cameras for their home?
Who do you know who could use these products in their business?
Who do you know who could help a disabled person through the use of our products?
Who do you know who might want to consider the option to become one of our Distributors?”
When you get a name, write it down, thank them and ask for more.
When it is obvious that they have no more names to give, start getting the phone numbers of the people.
When you can the people up, say, “Hi Rupert, John Montgomery mentioned to me yesterday that you may be interested in one of our products (mention the product and why John thought they may be interested in it.) Then LISTEN to them, ask them questions, find the PAIN that our products can relieve, the WORRY that we can alleviate turn into peace of mind for them. Then give them your 5% Discount Code and suggest you look at the website together. You can do this on the phone – you don’t have to physically meet with them.
Then lead them to buy right away without pressure. Don’t talk for too long – it seems like you are not successful – too much time on your hands – and desperate. Be in a hurry, be busy.
If someone wants more than one product and there is a one-time, upfront investment (never talk about cost or buying – talk about investing) of, say $400, and they say IT IS TOO MUCH – TOO EXPENSIVE:
“Let’s say you use this system for only three years, John. That’s 1,095 days. That’s thirty-six and a half CENTS per day, for peace of mind.
To keep your mother safe.
To protect your house contents of tens of thousands of dollars. What does your car insurance cost?
Is your child’s LIFE worth 36 1/2 cents a day?
And it’s a one-time investment. Invest and forget.
Think of all the gas you would save not having to drive to check up on Mom every day – this way, you just look at your phone!”
If it’s a $60 per month investment, that’s only $2 a day! Less than a cup of Starbucks!
Handle the objection, then walk them through the sale on their computer, or if you are with them, on your iPad.
10. CONTACT US for Ideas
Business owners pay me between $250 and $500 per hour to help them with ideas how to leverage the resources they have or have access to. I show them how to use Leverage and Collaboration to build their businesses. Here is my information. Contact me when you get stuck and let me help you at no charge:
Robin Elliott
Sales and Marketing Director, IPS SAFETY
604.785.2536 (Pacific Time.)
11. Advertise in Seniors Publications and Online
There are many Seniors publications, magazines, and newsletters, and newspapers, as well as websites that will happily show you how to advertise with them. Also consider AARP American Association of Retired Persons and CARP Canadian Association of Retired Persons.
12. What if you want to invest in a Distributorship of your own, but you don’t have the money?
Here’s formula I have used over 30 years for myself and my clients. I used it to get a fully expense paid trip from Johannesburg to LAX (Los Angeles) plus a $5,000 3 day seminar. I used it to set up fully-furnished offices in a swanky mall, with a secretary, equipment, inventory, and cash flow. I showed a client to use it to attend a fully expense paid, one week, $20,000 training program in a different city. I could go on all day.
Here’s how it works:
Note: If you are trusted and have credibility as a hard working, intelligent, disciplined, honest person, it will work. If you’re a lazy, unreliable, obese drifter with long, oily hair who seldom shaves and often tells lies, this won’t work for you.
1. Understand that there is always a lot of money looking for a good return. People want their money to work for them and multiply.
2. Many people would like to invest their money in a solid business venture, but they don’t want to run a business or sell; they enjoy a life of leisure.
3. Approach them and suggest they joint venture with you.
They put down the money, you buy the Distributorship and work hard. You run it and work it.
4. You share the proceeds 50/50.
Discuss this with me before proceeding to make sure you do it right.
13. Have you thought of WRAPPING your car?
In addition to bumper stickers:
This is extremely powerful and affordable way to advertise your IPS business. Pay once, benefit long term. Protect your car’s paintwork.  See here:http://identifyyourself.ca/the-top-7-benefits-of-using-a-vehicle-wrap-to-advertise-your-business/

Driving Revenues, compared vehicle wrapping head-on against other forms of advertising. Here is what they found a $20,000 investment buys:

  • Vehicle signage garners about 8.4 million impressions in a 12-month period.
  • Radio attracts 900,000 listeners in six weeks with 10 to 12 30-second spots.
  • Value Pak offers a reach of 600,000 with 100,000 addresses per drop and your client is just one of many advertisers included in the packet.
  • Direct mail reaches 20,000 names with one postcard mailer.
  • Seven city buses get 600,000 impressions in two months.
  • Billboards get 700,000 impressions in one month.
Have people stopping you, talking to you at gas stations and supermarkets, and buying off the site using your Discount Code.
Here is more information:


HERE HOW TO UNDERSTAND REAL SALES POWER: https://ipssafety.wordpress.com/2016/12/22/sales-power-ideas-for-you/
If you live in or near the Great Vancouver District, we can arrange a special price for you.
Some Additional Tips:
Here’s an objection / question I encountered yesterday:
Our neighbor’s son said he “couldn’t” buy the cameras for his mom (a friend of ours with dementia) because she didn’t have WiFi in her apartment.
He was looking at the cost/ barrier of the Wifi, even though he didn’t yet know what the cost of the cameras was!
Here’s how I responded:
“Wayne, when you consider the daily cost of WiFi and weigh it up against the peace of mind you and your siblings will enjoy by having the privilege to see and hear mom at any time on your phone, without having to get into your car and drive here or asking a neighbour to check up on her, and knowing she’s OK, I think you may reconsider.
The money you will save on gas and the time driving here, alone, is already much more than what WiFi would cost you. The cameras are a one-time investment, too, and mom’s WiFi will be able to accommodate any number of cameras. Let’s work out what the cost per day is of WiFi and take it from there.”
Always remember, an objection is merely a request for more information, a plea to assist your prospect in making a good decision – it is not a personal rebuke or rejection or attack. They’re saying, “I really want those cameras for my mom, I want her to be safe, and I need the time, but my spouse will be concerned about the cost. How can I answer him / her? What does WiFi cost? Please help me!”
Then you kindly assist them in making the right decision. 
You can also use the Balance Sheet Close. Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, write Pros at the top of one side and Cons on the other. Say, “This is a system I use to make difficult decisions, Wayne. Let’s write down all the benefits on the Pros side and the difficulties on the Cons side. Then we add them up. if there are more Cons than Pros, we don’t go ahead and invest. If there are more Pros, we take decisive action for mom. Let’s do this, OK?”
Then start writing. Make suggestions re the Pros side and get them to agree and add a few and write them all down. Then hand them the pen and say “OK, Wayne, what are the Pros?”
At the end, when you add them up, you will have more Pros, and then say, “would you like to order your cameras right here on my laptop / pad?”
Call me anytime with any questions you have!
More Ideas:
1. Watch my Facebook Page for ideas how to market IPS Safety. One of them is to promote the idea of Christmas gifts. Your gift to them is the 5% Discount. They can buy all our products as gifts for themselves and those they love.
2. How to Sell Without Selling -great article. Take a sincere, helpful interest in your prospects.
3. POWERFUL: “I can Buy it Cheaper Somewhere Else” https://robinjelliott.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/i-can-buy-it-cheaper-elsewhere/
4. In spite of the fact that you don’t get a commission, why should you encourage other people to join IPS Safety Inc. as a salesperson like you did?
Because many smart salespeople, when they see what we’re doing, will become Distributors, and then, if we know that you recruited them as salespeople, you will receive a commission on their investment to become a Distributor!

5. Example of a Fundraising Proposal: (It’s always better to do this face-to-face.)

This is what I have just emailed. It is self-explanatory.

Dear David,

We met at your Christmas Bazaar this morning.
We offer churches, hospices, clubs, and other organizations the opportunity to raise funds by using our marketing material and their regular communication methods to sell our products online to their adherents, members, and congregations.
There is no cost or risk to the organization. All purchases carry a one year  warranty and are made via our website and shipped directly from our warehouse in Surrey (or they can be collected there.) 
We specialize in the Seniors market but our products are also suitable for the parents of young children, homes, and businesses.
We provide a Fundraising Agreement, all marketing material, and advice, and we collect payment via our website (Canadian Dollars, in the case) and pay you 10% of all purchases after the 5% Customer discount.
The way we track sales is through your unique Discount Code with which we supply you, and which entitles your congregation and their friends and family to a 5% discount on all purchases.
I will happily meet with you, present the opportunity to your congregation, committee, or superiors, and help in any way that I can.

How to best present our products:

1. Try to see things through the eyes of your prospect by trying to understand his or her way of seeing things and their present circumstances and priorities.
2. Try to understand their values and past experiences, and how these relate to your presentation.
3. Look for their “HOT BUTTON – “Where does it hurt?” What problems do they want solved? What do they want more than anything else?
4. Ask yourself, “What is it about my solution that they can easily relate to?”
5. Seek common ground, affiliation, proximity. What can you agree on? What questions will they answer “yes” to?
6. Seek a third party to triangulate trust – this works especially well with referrals and authority figures , leaders, religious or political principles or groups, and fraternal entities.
7. Ask a lot of questions that lead them to positive conclusions regarding your offered solution, like “What do you like best about…?”
Please watch the Sales Training Videos on our IPS Safety Inc. YouTube Video Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCql5YAkX52OQNKmhtlE3EJg
Your sales will skyrocket if you own and can demonstrate the cameras and devices
Do You Present a Professional Image?
Men, first impressions DO count. We DO judge a book by it’s cover; when last did you read a book in a bookstore before purchasing it? So what impression do you make when people first meet you?
If you’re selling business opportunities, investments, or professional products, this applies. Not if you’re flogging pot or lawnmowers or building supplies.
If you smell of tobacco or alcohol, or worse still, weed, shoot yourself now. Or wet dog. If you’re covered in cat or dog fur or sport dandruff on your collar, or if you don’t trim your hair, beard, or those horrific ear and nostril hairs, the only people you will impress are people like yourself. If you wear jeans or pants with threadbare bottoms, or suits that have worn shiny over time, or your shirts are not ironed, you’re going to recruit losers.
Check your fingernails. If you reek of aftershave or eat like a pig, stuffing your mouth and eating with it full of food, or handling your fork like a spoon or a pitchfork, you will lose credibility with cultured people. If you don’t drink alcohol or curse, you’re five steps ahead. Always be better dressed than your prospect. If you’re offering wealth and success, you had better look like you personally enjoy wealth and success, or you will be deemed a conman. And ponytails appeal to a very tiny proportion of people. Most will think you’re trying to compensate for something or you’re never grown up.
Oh, and yes, you will be judged by whatever female you bring to a meeting. If she is badly dressed and behaved, she will detract from your credibility.
If you don’t have a role model, consider modeling successful accountants and lawyers. Be a gentleman. The way you treat any female with you will be carefully observed by astute people, too.
As far as talking or laughing too much or too loudly, that is usually seen as insecurity and fear. And watch your body language carefully, too. And your LinkedIn and Facebook photos and posts will also be carefully perused by smart people before they even meet you. If they see pictures of you falling around in pubs and your posts indicate “loser,” don’t even bother to show up at that meeting.
And tattoos and piercings? Give me a break. Do you honestly think Donald Trump would have his nose pierced and sport a tattoo on his arm?
Your binders, bag, pens, papers, documents, notebooks, shoes, watch, jewelry – everything is taken in, consciously or subconsciously, within seconds by the people you meet, and they WILL judge you during that time. It will be very hard to come back from a bad first impression, because first impressions are lasting impressions.
Be calm, confident, relaxed, alert, a good listener, and well informed.
Finally, ladies, if you’re hooking up with a man and you sell professional products or business opportunities or investments, and he doesn’t conform to the above, hide him away from your prospects.
You don’t know many people? Well, someone else knows and has regular contact with / communicates regularly with / has access to lots of people. What will it take for them to introduce you to their people / customers / friends? Have you asked? Did you take the trouble to find out what they wanted in return? Did you even broach the subject? Could you?? Of course you could, if you wanted those leads badly enough.
When You Need More People to Sell To:
Think about what would happen if you approached the ten most successful, connected people you know, and asked them one or some of the following questions:
• What will it take for you to include my little flyer in every bag to pack your customers’ products in today?
• Would you interview me / my director on your radio station?
• What do you need in return to have me speak for five minutes at your seminar?
• What do I need to do for you to have you promote my business in your newsletter for five weeks?
• How could I compensate you for introducing me to ten of the best people you know?
• If I looked after your trade show table, would you allow me to promote my business there as well?
• How could you help me reach more prospects for my business, and what would you like me to do in return? (I’m not looking for a handout…)
• If I could show you a way to monetize your database / connections, would you be interested in learning more?
We tend to forget the basics, like the fact that people buy on emotion most of the time; their buying decisions are seldom based on logic. That people buy from people that they like and trust. That if we are like them, they will like us. And that people will do more to relieve pain than to gain a benefit.
Roy Bartell said, “Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.” This is true, whether you’re selling pumpkins or palaces.
And how does this play out in a sales presentation? Yes, adapt to your prospect’s pace, tone of voice, personality style (DiSC), and body language, and yes, listen carefully. “I know that,” you say. But let’s take it a step further. When two people are belly to belly, someone is selling and someone is buying, and you want to be sure you’re the one selling and that you’re not buying excuses, put-offs, and blatant lies.
When we push, people will push back. We need people to buy, rather than us selling. And in order for that to happen, we need to find their PAIN. So we need to be like physicians – objective, reasonable, unemotional, and definitely not needy. And we need to carefully make people aware of the consequences of NOT buying our product, service, or opportunity, or whether we’re recruiting them.
While some analytical people will buy on data (and they need lots of it,) most buy on emotion – they’re looking to fix things, to be free of pain, and to feel good about themselves. It’s never about you, the salesperson – you can feed your ego or feed your family. Open ended questions – tell me more, what do you mean by that, could you elaborate, And, Yes, Why is that, What will happen if you don’t solve that problem, What are you trying to accomplish – will unveil the real reasons why they are considering your offer.
Problems indicate pain, and we can only rescue people when they admit they have a problem – ask any alcoholic, smoker, or other addict. Intentions mean nothing without action, and the less we talk and sell, the more we can learn. We need information to hit their hot buttons. When we drop our price, run after the prospect, beg for the sale, instead of looking for non-verbal and verbal buying signals, we’re chasing our prospect into the arms of our competition.
People need to feel safe with us; they need to feel comfortable, accepted, cared about, and liked. If you had just won twenty million dollars, would you desperately try to convince, or would you say something smart like, “This may of may not be for you, and that’s just fine with me”? People want what moves away from them. And we know that buyers are often game players.
We need to customize the benefits of our product, service, or opportunity to fit the exact needs and solve the unique problems of each individual prospect we meet. If you haven’t taken the time to know me, how can you possibly craft a fit for me? A tailor measures you for a suit. A doctor examines you to
find a cure, a mechanic takes time to look at your car before he offers a solution. Salespeople need to listen, ask questions, follow clues, dig down, investigate, and interview before we talk about our company, ourselves, our product, service, opportunity, or pricing.
I’ll leave you with this famous quote: “What’s behind this door, I cannot tell, but this I know, and know it well: the more I open, the more I sell.” Let’s open less and sell more!
It’s quite normal to feel “stuck” at times in any business. “Who do I call now? I have contacted everyone I know! I’m depressed / disheartened / disappointed / worried. My income has gone down, my spouse is complaining, me people aren’t producing…” Nothing new, folks.
Business works in cycles, and when we find ourselves in a slow time, well, that’s the perfect time to ramp up to a new level of production and income – if we know how. And that is what this article is all about.
You haven’t made a mistake or wasted time or money or let anyone down. You’re in business. You made the right decision, and you haven’t wasted anything or disappointed anyone, so stop worrying and beating yourself up, and let me share some real-life solutions that will work for you in real time. Please read all 20 of these ideas before you leap into enthusiastic, premature action.
1. We’re not all about the products.
What they DO want is MONEY. Lead with the solution, not the product.
2. Understand that life is cyclical.
The people you approached by email probably never read their emails – only 30% of emails are opened (as opposed to 98% of texts) – or they were busy or distracted at the time, or their circumstances were such that they felt they weren’t ready at the time or didn’t need more money. Things change. Times change. Circumstances change. People lose money, make money, get fired. Relationships change, everything changes all the time. NO means NOT YET. So get on the phone and call all those people again, and, by the law of averages, you will close a few of them. If nothing else, please ask them for referrals! “Who do you know who needs more money?”
3. Work with your people.
Every one of your people has unique problems, challenges, opportunities, connections, strengths, and hidden resources. By helping them, you help yourself. Take the time to do a “resource audit” with each of them, reach out, motivate them, share this information with them. Email it to them, then call them and ask if they received it. Then work through it with them. Support them. Show you care. You are responsible to help them. As their circumstances change, they may now be more ready than they previously were.
4. Make a NEW list
Your list of prospects is old – out of date – even within a week! Why? Because you meet new people all the time. Go through your address book, your social media, your business cards, think about all the new people you meet, all those whom you sent emails instead of calling because you were too shy or too lazy – call them. They’ll be impressed that you are still in the business. And all your people know people, too. They may have been approached by others in the meanwhile and now their interest is peaked…
5. Make it EASY on people.
Don’t be complicated. Use an easy 3 step system. Keep it simple and you’ll lower the resistance barrier. People don’t want to know all the details initially, especially regarding the compensation. Don’t overwhelm them with stuff. In the same way, when you’re stuck, make it easy on yourself. Simply go through this list and call people, go to meetings, encourage your people.
6. Be patient.
Corn takes time to grow – weeds grow fast. Don’t rush people. Make them aware of the scarcity and urgency factors and then back off. Strong people don’t need help to make decisions, and pushy people just irritate everyone. Be patient with others and with yourself. Instead of being impatient with your reaping, double your sowing!
7. Don’t SELL.
Explain. Don’t push or sell. If you’re selling you seem desperate and needy. Fake it until you make it – people buy from confident and relaxed people who don’t need them or their money. Give them the option – “This may be for you and it may not, and that’s OK. I’m busy and you’re busy, so let me cut to the chase here.” If you want to sell more, simply SEE more, don’t push those you do see harder.
8. Customize.
Customize your approach to every person. Get to know enough about them to make the pitch fit. Don’t try selling sneakers to legless people or hearing aids to people whose hearing is fine. How can IPS Safety help your particular prospect reach his particular goals, given his particular situation? In the same way, don’t approach people with whom you are not comfortable. I don’t recruit people I don’t like or don’t trust. I don’t work with people who make me feel uncomfortable or who lie – but that’s just me. Customize your approach so that you’re comfortable and confident and enjoy yourself. Then you will make more money.
9. Participate in the training.
Are you participating, are you active on the Facebook page? You will get lots of new ideas, tips and hints, and motivation. Attend the events, be involved. Surround yourself with positive people at all times. Don’t mix with whiners and losers and those who blame others when they fail. You only fail when you quit.
10. Ask for Help!
Don’t be proud, don’t be shy, ask for help from IPS Safety, ask for referrals from your contacts and friends, even if you are just asking for some motivation. Asking works.
11. Focus.
Where focus goes, energy flows, and success grows. If you focus on your problems and what is not working or if you’re trying to do two network marketing businesses at the same time, or you’re distracted when you’re working, you won’t get ahead. Even if you only dedicate one hour a day to your business, make sure you are laser focused during that hour. “You can’t serve two masters, for you will love the one and despise the other.” You can’t chase two rabbits or ride two bicycles. Treat your business like a hobby or a sideline, and you will earn a hobby or a sideline income. Get serious. This is a real business. Treat it accordingly and with the respect and attention it deserves. Stop playing at it. And YES, you can and should have multiple income streams – the average millionaire has seven, so he doesn’t periodically go from feast to famine.
12. Fill your head with power.
Not the stuff you sniff or drink or inhale – you’re not an idiot. Garbage in equals garbage out, friend. Only mix with winners. Only listen to, read, and watch inspiring, motivating information. Input creates output. Read “The Slight Edge.” While I eat my oats in the morning, I watch motivating videos on YouTube.
13. Get around more people.
In my city, Vancouver, there are at least four networking meetings a day. Get involved, get out, meet people, get known, be friendly, help others, volunteer, get around successful, motivated people. That is where you can meet your new leaders, people who can make you rich with IPS Safety Inc. They’re not in your bedroom or hiding behind your TV set. You can’t recruit the people in your video game. And please, make sure you look and talk and act like a successful business person when you’re out and about networking. Model yourself on the most successful people you know – how do they dress and act and speak? How do they groom themselves?
14. Don’t fish in the sardine barrel.
Talk to people with money, people who are successful and well-connected, more than you do to the desperate and despondent. Fish in a barrel of whales! If you go to groups of losers and wanna-be’s you’re not going to recruit leaders and producers.
15. Enthusiasm and Belief SELL.
The better you understand your business, the more confident and relaxed you will be, and the more people you will recruit. Act enthusiastic, push your chest out, push your shoulders back, lift your chin, put a smile on your dial, and walk like you just won a few million bucks, and, guess what? You will FEEL
enthusiastic. Your mood will follow your posture and the tone of your voice and the speed at which you move. Yes, act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.
People buy from enthusiastic, motivated, confident, secure, relaxed, happy, friendly, knowledgeable people.
16. Manage your self-talk.
We talk to ourselves in our heads at a staggering rate of 600 words a minute. Now, unless you’re crazy, you can’t SAY one thing and at the same time THINK something else, right? So start to manage your state by speaking positive things, even softly, to yourself. Don’t worry, these days, people will assume you’re on your phone. (If you’re like me, you don’t care what they think anyway.) Try these: “I’m happy, healthy, and successful. I’m bulletproof. I am unstoppable. I love my business. I love the people I meet. I love helping people. Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better, richer and richer, healthier, happier, stronger, and more attractive! I believe it and I will achieve it! I m in the process of achieving my goals. I enjoy working hard. This isn’t work – this is FUN!” Use the present tense – tell yourself the truth in advance. Sow and REAP!
In the same way that a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun into a powerful beam that can burn into hard wood, focus is underestimated in business and society. Yet, it is all around us. Can you imagine an Olympic Gold Medal winner trying to do more than one sport? An apple tree producing peaches part time?
When it comes to business, too many people give their business part time attention and expect a full-time income from it. If you treat your business like a hobby, don’t expect a massive return.
Someone wrote, “You can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.” Small commitment equals small income. Give little, get little.
If you don’t love your business, your business won’t love you back.
T.F. Hodge wrote, “To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” Intense, uncompromising, focused attention will burn through all restrictions and leap over hurdles. Steve Jobs: “That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.
But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
Don’t drink that Distraction Juice. As Yoda said, “There is no try – do or do not.” You will reap what you sow, and when you make a decision to make something happen, whatever it takes, you become unstoppable.
When what we want holds more power than the fear of what we will encounter in the process of accomplishing what we want, we will take the action that ensures our success.
When we believe that the pain of remaining where we are exceeds the pain of change, we will make the change.
In both cases above, the fear and the perception of pain is in our heads. So how can we shift our perceptions in order to accomplish our goals? First, every belief is based on evidence we select. We create meanings for our opportunities and threats in our heads. And that is a choice.
When we appraise a new opportunity that is presented to us, for example, we usually compare it to all the other opportunities we have tried in the past, and we often remember the pain and the failures. And our ideas of what pain and difficulties we might encounter are optional, too. You can be a money magnet!
So start with this: Imagine that if you didn’t recruit a new person or make a sale within the next five hours, you would be tortured to death, but if you did make a sale or recruit someone within the next five hours, you would definitely win a million dollars. What would you suddenly be prepared to do that you previously wouldn’t do or convinced yourself you couldn’t do? The pain and pleasure attached to the achievement of your goal changed, and now you’re prepared to do what it takes.
Make mental pictures and create mental stories of what will happen if you do or don’t take the action necessary to achieve your goals and to persist UNTIL your goals are achieved. Tell yourself different stories.
Also, focus on what can go RIGHT instead of what can go WRONG. Focus on your strengths and rewards and opportunities instead of your weaknesses and threats and fears. Where focus goes, energy flows, and business grows.
PERSISTENCE is the key factor in achieving our goals. Patience and dogged determination are the secrets of winners. So create a lot of small goals along the way to your big goals. Tick off and congratulate yourself every time you achieve one step up the ladder, like making ten phone calls, attending a meeting, watching a training video, arranging a meeting, making a call to support your team, and so on.
It’s all in your head, and you can control every thought and perception and fear and hope in your head! Practice. Hang out with winners and positive achievers. Read motivational material, listen to motivational ideas and CD’s, act like a winner, dress like a winner, talk like a winner, carry yourself like a winner. Expect to succeed by taking the actions that will create your success. And when you fall down (and you will,) get right back up again. Manage your self-talk.
When we control our input (places we go, what we read, see, hear, and watch, and whom we associate with), we can control our choices and results – our output. It’s all a choice that we have to make multiple times a day until it becomes a SUCCESS HABIT. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Immerse
yourself in your training videos and learn everything you can about your company, products, and services, and your confident will grow.
Instead of feeling “rejected and hurt” when you get a “NO,” celebrate! Every no gets you closer to a profitable YES. See the NO’s as rungs on the ladder that you are climbing to success. And when you’re feeling a bit down, talk with your mentors or read books or watch videos (all free on YouTube) by Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and other winners.
1. Crystalize Your Thinking. Determine what specific goal you want to achieve. Then dedicate yourself to its attainment with unswerving singleness of purpose, the trenchant zeal of a crusader.
2. Develop a plan for achieving your goal, and a deadline for its attainment. Plan your progress carefully: hour by hour, day by day, month by month. Organized activity and enthusiasm are the wellsprings of your power.
3. Develop a sincere desire for the things you want in life. A burning desire is the greatest motivator of every human action. The desire for success implants “success consciousness,” which in turn creates a vigorous and ever-increasing “habit of success.”
4. Develop supreme confidence in yourself and your own abilities. Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses. Focus on your powers, instead of your problems.
5. Develop a dogged determination to follow through on your plan, regardless of obstacles, criticism or circumstances or what other people say, think or do. Opportunities never come to those who wait; they are captured by those who dare to attack.
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