A-Instructions for I2
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Make sure you have the Wifi password handy and know the wifi name

1.Product Description

Hardware Description

The front view                      The rear view



The side view

Note: The magnetic base can be separated from the camera and the camera can  stick to metal surfaces as  per below diagram.

 Or the camera can be mounted on the wall, by using a coin to unscrew the base of the camera and apply 2 small screws(screws not provided) to affix the base on the wall before screwing the camera back to the base.


2.1Device Hardware Setup

Connect the camera device with the power supply, then hardware setup is done.

Different LED lamp color corresponds to different camera status:

-Yellow: system startup

-Flash green slowly(flash once per second):binding mode

-Flash green fast(flash three times per second):connecting wifi

Always green: camera working properly

Note: there will be a voice prompt to advise.Voice prompt makes it easier to use the camera. And if users do not want voice prompt or LED lamp on, he or she can switch it off on Camera Settings just as diagrams below.


2.2 Device Connection Setup

For iPhone users:

Method 1: App Store

Go into the App Store and search for “ithink”, download and install the client software onto iphone.


Method 2: Scan the QR codeUse a QR Scanner app on your iphone to scan the following QR code. Refer to photo below.

For android phone users:

App marketUser could visit various app market, search “ithink”, download and install app. Right now, you could reach our app through the following markets: Android market  xiaomi application market、etc.

Scan the QR codeUse your phone to scan the following QR code.

3.User Account Registration (Binding)

Register and login to your app client platform,please note that only letters, numbers and underlines are valid for username, the minimum and maximum no. letters allowed is 6 and 18, click the top-left “+” button, choose the wireless network for internet connection, input the password, and click “connecting my camera” to complete the binding.

3.Binding Method : Sound wave binding

  • Point closely the output speaker of your iphone or smartphone to the microphone on the front of the camera. Refer to the diagrams below:
  • Make sure you do this in a quiet place without any sound interference. Keep your phone steady without moving it for a few seconds during binding process.

3)After binding successfully, the client app will redirect to the video list-view interface automatically.     Refer to photo below.


  • If this camera device has been bound by another user already, then you can be just the sub-account and the “setting” interface is as following:

Only when the administrator account delete the camera(by “setting” on app), then you can be the administrator account.


4.Replay (need to input the tf card )

Click “Replay” icon and chose the time to replay the video recorded by the camera. You can Fast Forward/Fast Backward/Screen Shot buttons when replaying the video to your desired time slot. Refer to photos below.

5.Video Lock

This function allows the user to watch live video and replay video only after a password has been setup.

  • When user cares about privacy, he or she can click on“Settings” button from the Camera list. Refer to photo below.
  • In the Camera Settings screen, click on the “Video Lock”button. Refer to photo below.

3)Then enter a password that you can remember.



6.Sub-Account Management

Each camera can support up to 15 accounts (including the Administrator account). The Administrator can add and delete sub-account using “Sub-Account Management” function from the Camera Settings screen. Refer to photo below.

New sub-account can be setup by clicking on the “Add” button.

Existing sub-accounts can be deleted by swiping left onscreen the sub-account that you want to delete and press the “Delete” button as it appears onscreen.


7.Snapshot Share

Our camera provides a function to share any snapshot photos to Sina/WeiChat/SMS.Press the camera icon on the video, and snapshot the photo you like, then go to the main page, press “Album”, choose the photo you want to share in the album, press the top-right icon on the photo and share it. Refer to photo below




  1. Working Mode

From the Camera Setting screen, there are two working modes: Network mode and Offline mode. When binding the camera successfully, camera will be in working mode.

8.1 Click on “Offline Mode” button, then choose the video definition (Smooth/ SD/ HD) quality for the offline video storage. Once selected, the device will automatically disconnect the Wi-fi and the LED on front of camera will become blue.Then camera will run in Offline mode.

When enabling“Offine Mode” function, your device must be online at the time and a micro SD card inserted. Otherwise, you cannot turn on “Offline Mode”.

The default storage path is: /ithink/OffLineVideo(your video will be stored in OffLineVideo folder under the ithink folder of micro SD card. The camera is compatible with 32G or below micro SD card.


8.2 Disable Offline Storage

Click on the “Offline Mode” button on settings,and also”Turn Off Offline Storage” then disable the Offline Storage mode using soundwave by pointing the speaker of the phone to the front of camera for a few seconds.

9. Infrared night vision

Infrared night vision is controlled by camera system automatically. When it is getting dark, the infrared night vision will be activated automatically and when it is getting bright enough, the infrared night vision will be switched off automatically.

10.Infrared alarm

Camera use infrared sensor, when someone/ object appears within its detection space, the alarm on camera will ring for 5 seconds and at the same time, your phone will also ring and get an alarm message, press the alert message, and then the view will playback to video when the alarm rings automatically.


11.Camera list

Each phone can bind with a few cameras. You can choose the settings for each camera individually from the Camera List. Refer to photos below.

12. Video Recording: Users can record video on live video interface or on playback video interface, by pressing the video recording icon. The recorded video will be stored in the album on home page of app.




When useing the  camera, please avoid rain, fire and thunder. Camera working humidity range: 20%-50% indoor, 20%-70% outdoor; working temperature range: -10℃ to  +50℃ indoor:-20℃ to +55℃ outdoor.


  • Cannot bind camera device
  • Can only bind when the camera device is in the Binding mode (LED becomes green and flashes once a second).Otherwise, you cannot bind a camera device outside the Binding mode.
  • Make sure the environment of SoundWave Binding is quiet and the outer speaker of your phone is close to the microphone in front of the camera.
  • When using QR Code Binding, keep upright your phone and less than 10-15cm in front of the camera lens.
  • When warning “WIFI does not exist”, please make sure your Wi-Fi name is correct.
  • When warning “WIFI connection fail”, please make sure yourWi-Fi password
  • When warning “Network abnormal please check router configuration”, please make sure your router can be connected to the Internet.
  • Cannot connect to the Internet
  • Check the WiFi so our device  can connect to the Internet.
  • Check whether the name and password of WIFI have been changed.
  • Video is not clear
  • Switch between “SD” or “HD” mode.

4)Cannot replay video?

  • Please check if there is a micro-SDcard, (must be below 32GB).
  • Insert a micro-SDcard, you can replay video after 10 minutes.
  • If the WIFI is hidden, why cannot find any network and camera?

Our camera device can only connect a WIFI that is not hidden.

  • How to restore Factory Settings

When the camera is power on, poke into the reset hole 3-5 seconds with a toothpick or sharp object. When the voice prompt in the camera indiacates: system is resetting, please do not unplug. Then loosen your hand.


  • You can just pull-down the screen of your phone to refresh camera list.
  • Support a 32GB micro-SD card, and store videos up to 24days.
  • You can replay video after 10 minutes after a micro-SD card has been inserted.
  • You can bind up to a maximum of 15 accounts to each camera.

The first account binding the camera is default as the management account.

  • Please bind in a quite environment when using sound wave binding.
  • When binding (SoundWare or QR Code), do not leave the binding page, waiting for the camera finish automatically.
  • The Offline Mode is available when your device is online and owns a micro-SD card.
  • Pull out the micro-SD card, Offline Mode will be unavailable automatically.