A2-Instructions for V10 Tracking device
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Product Overview
Thank you for purchasing,This device is a waterproof IPX6, innovative miniature size personal remote positioning device with built-in
U-blox GPS and GSM/GPRS technology. It’s for monitoring and protecting people and property. It can be used in all walks of life from
traveling lone workers and mobile nursing staff to children and the elderly, Dementia etc.

Device Charging
For the first time use, please fully charge the battery for around 2~3 hours
Using the USB charger or using docking station to charge
– Place the device on the docking station.
– Connect the Micro USB side of the cable to the docking station port and connect the other end of the cable to the designated AC power source (USB/AC
– When charging, the RED LED (on docking station) will be blinking (solid). After fully charging, the RED LED will solid

Switching the device on and off
– To turn on the device: press the side power button for 1 second, all the LEDs will flash rapidly. Device can be also turned on automatically by charging
via USB or put it into the docking station.
※ To get an initial location, use outdoors or near a window so the device may fix onto the satellites.
– To turn off the device: press and hold the side button and SOS button together for 1 second until the LEDs off.
What do the lights mean?
Power Status LED
LED Blue ON(solid) Blue Blinking Quickly Blue Off or blinking slowly
State The device is charging Battery power is lower than 15% Device has been fully charged or not charging
LED Light shows a single flash rapidly every 3
Light shows a double flash rapidly
every 3 seconds
Light shows a slow flash every 3
Light Solid (not flashing)
State The device is connected to the GSM
The device is registered to the
GPRS network
The device is connecting to the
GSM network

Low battery alarm
When the unit’s battery is less than 15%, it will send an SMS alarm “BAT: LOW!” to all authorized numbers. If battery is less than 15%, the blue light will flash
rapidly to warn the user to charge the device as soon as possible.