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IPS Safety Inc. - an Insured and Licensed Canadian Company.

We provide security, safety, and protection across North America:

Seniors falling, wandering (dementia), in trouble, lost, mugged, threatened by strangers at their door, abused by caregivers or others,

Children lost, abducted, abused by caregivers or others, scared, threatened, or hurt.

Disabled people who have fallen or in trouble. Single women who are being followed or afraid.

Check up on employees, caregivers, and where people are via camera without being there.

Homeowners and Business Owners who want to know what is going on via camera when they are not there, or see areas of their homes or businesses via camera without actually physically being there.

Now you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that you, your loved ones, your home and business are safe. We put people back in control of their lives.

Because people are increasingly concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, homes, and businesses, we are a Canadian company committed to providing Protection, Security, and Safety through our affordable, easy-to-use technology and support to people across North America.

We understand your fears and concerns and we know you don't have time to figure out complicated electronic systems and gadgets, so we make things easy for you. Instead of trying to work things out from difficult written instructions, we have help available in easy-to-understand instructions - written, video, and at the end of your phone.

We share nearly 100 years of business experience in delivering proven, understandable solutions that are quick and affordable to implement.

Contact Robin Elliott in our Sales and Marketing Department for information on becoming an Independent Contractor - Salesperson or Distributor - or regarding Fundraising for your organization or club: sales@IPSSafety.com 1.604.785.2536 (Pacific Time).

For technical questions, contact our Technical Department at our Head Office: info@ipssafety.com Telephone  1.604.590.9302 (Pacific Time).